Making Plant Karma

It’s a special feeling when you realize the relationship between this plant’s existence and your own. They exist in their space as a product of care and attention from you, from the Sun, from the soil and from the water. They exist in their shape and form as a product of their plant ancestors and the elements in which their plant ancestors meet. A complex amount of things are happening and has happened for a plant to manifest itself to you. Think about that next time you see a plant.

My favorite part of the day is being able to come home and work with my plants. It’s kind of funny now that instead of kicking off my shoes and jumping on my bed when I get home, I pick up my watering spout and start my rounds with the plants.

People who follow me on social media get to see my side hobby that I haven’t shared with many people. Since I’ve started this blog as a platform to express my interests, I see it as a great way to keep people updated on my little plant world.

I started collecting a few plants about a year ago as a method to cope with depression. That method still works by the way. I got my first plant (it was a Kalanchoe plant) as a gift from my mom. At that time I guess I felt like it somehow put a underlying and subtle feeling of companionship in my bedroom. Because of that, I began collecting more plants right before I moved out of Salt Lake. After moving to Utah County for school, I guess I kinda went nuts over the plants.

Here’s a few photos from my collection. Sorry about the poor photo quality. I’m currently using on old 6s but I’m planning to upgrade soon.

aa open terrerium

These plants are very much alive and full of consciousness.

aacoral cactus

The Coral Cactus. It kinda lives as an example of time being relative. This plant waves back and forth very slowly. If you think about It, It’s actually moving more often relative to its sense of time than us sapiens.


Ah the terrariums. They’re like their own little worlds. The have such great determination and will to live.


This is my nursery/plant hospital


My Kalanchoe plant. The first one I ever got and still my favorite. As you can see, it’s full of everything.

aasucculent 1

aatall terrerium

aavenusfly trapaa echeveria

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