Why I’m Pursuing A Career In Journalism

A couple weeks ago, I landed a position as staff writer for my school’s newspaper, The UVU Review. It’s my pleasure to be writing for a school paper. I’m fortunate enough now to be surrounded by the experience in the newsroom. My editors have had enough patience to show me the ropes of news writing. I’m writing for the arts and culture section which has proven to be a challenge.


As a student in University I get this question often, “Why are you pursuing communications?”

It’s because I want to make a difference. Before my first year in college, I thought about studying political science. I had been interested in the inner working of society and government. Public service seemed the best way to serve my society. I was motivated after observing the unacceptable amount of division and polarization in public opinion.

Just as there is more than enough dishonesty and inauthenticity in government, I also see the mainstream media as being largely responsible for dividing our country. The more education I receive, the more I see that my talents and energy would be better served in press and media. I feel an ethical and moral obligation to give a voice to those who need a platform and to even the scale.

Now I’ve gotten my foot into the door, I don’t plant to settle for anything less. Graduation is still a couple years down the road, but I’m ecstatic to enter the world of freelance and go after the big fish. I’ve been born and raised in Utah. I know this state’s politics and its social climate. I roll my eyes when I hear or read about people wanting to leave Utah to escape its religious and/or political climate. That exactly what they want you to do! I’m staying right here.

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