We Don’t Make Mistakes, Just Happy Little Accidents

Megan Naomi is an artist attending Utah Valley University. I’ve had the glorious honor of hanging out with Megan to talk to her about her truly divine creations of art.

On her website Megan is described as, “A contributor to the beauty and color of people’s lives. Her abstract and bright paintings are created with much less obsessing over the finished product, rather, care is given to each step in the creation process”

She primarily uses acrylic for her abstract paintings.


I asked, “How do you know when your painting is done?”

“It’s difficult for me decide when a painting is done. I just keep making layers until I see something I like, then I’m finished. The idea of a completed work for me is elusive…as in constantly wanting to change it and work on it. The act of creating holds more weight for me than the finished product. If it ends up looking cool, then cool. The reason why I do art is because its therapeutic. I don’t plan any of the pieces. My mind is blank when I’m paining. I’m acting on intuition rather than over analyzing.”


What is soul satisfying?

“People laughing so hard that they’re in pain. Beautiful new nature experiences. The excitement of cultivating new friendships. I get really excited when I see an animal. Especially horses.”


Megan describes her painting,

“Ladies and Gentlemen… I give you, the original do-over. For this used to be grey with 4 or 5 ugly umbrellas and I wasn’t having it whatsoever. So junior year of High School, early early one morning. I popped in my headphones, cranked an embarrassing album and voila!”


“Ladies and Gentlemen… I give you, a campground somewhere up american fork Canyon. Among trees, it rained. Sun had set and the last embers of a neighbor’s fireplace glowed 50 yards from the opening of our tent…the breeze was chilly it was a perfect. Midnight Paradise”


Currently Megan lives in Art City, Utah aka Springville. Aside from art, she’s a student at Utah Valley University where she is studying psychology. You can see her extensive and diverse artistic work on her website where her paintings are for sale and she is accepting commissions.


Megan’s website

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