Being Mindful Of Your Mental States

Hey, today I wanted to post a short blog and spread some positive vibes. Bare with me if I seem to start my tirade on a melancholy note. The message is a positive one, I promise!


It’s hard to be twenty-something in 2019. Isn’t it true that we’re all carrying around a bag of metaphorical rocks on our backs? I think mine is actually full of rocks. And by rocks, I mean textbooks.

Sometime we get caught up in the psychological drama of our own minds. We become swept away like a ship at sea that hasn’t set it’s sail. We devote our mental energies and emotions to events which happened in the past or things we project into the future. The vast majority of the time, this happens without our conscious awareness. Do we ever stop to think how unfair and counterproductive it is that we allow this to happen? I think yes, sometimes we do! But we somehow think it’s our business to engage in this kind of drama. We believe that we have some responsibility to it. I challenge you to ask yourself why.

Take notice of the thoughts you are entertaining.  Now… is this really your business? Some of it, maybe, yes. But most of it, I’m assuming, no. We even give it fuel to keep spinning into a counterproductive cycle. Nobody wants to talk about it but it does and it will happen to everybody.

Ladies and Gents… be mindful of your thoughts. We are human being with the psychological capacity to do great things. Peace of mind is ruined by the absence of consciousness. Does it strike you as astounding that our unique evolutionary advantage  has harnessed the ability to split the atom? … And it also asks the most metaphysical of questions. Mind wonders of the nature of mind. This because we have unique ability of consciousness and discernment. If we discover how to be mindful, we can also use mindfulness to determine our states of mind and be empowered by them rather than being hindered.

Peace and Love fellow earthlings, I hope my message strikes a chord.

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