Music Therapy and my Spring Playlist

I don’t think I could live in a world without music. I really need music. Like, some people need coffee, some people need cigarettes. Better yet, people need food, cars need gasoline. I need music.

I always loved discovering and listening to rich music, but for the last eight months, I’ve really relied on it. After having a unfortunate crisis in the later half of the year, I was left dealing with ugly anxiety. This story isn’t about anxiety but it is about how I learned to cope with it by listening to music.

Music became an escape for me when I was in a difficult time. And as often as I needed to (which was often), I reached for music to soothe me. I always had it in my ears, or on my speakers. At first it was to distract me, but very soon my curiosity led me down the technology-sourced rabbit hole of music.

And what I discovered; there isn’t much music I don’t like. During those eight months, I learned to see constructs of mind. And as more construct came down, I naturally began to find all the music I discovered enjoyable and unique.

Other thing I discovered; there is a lot of music out there. And the diverse amount is only exponentially increasing. Thanks to internet and technology, it’s relatively easy for most youngin’s like me to make music. And it turns out, there are a lot of creative beings out there making themselves into artists. And their music is damn good!

Spring Playlist

So since we’re talking about music, I’m gonna list some of the bands/artists I’ve been listening to the last few weeks. They’re really good, you won’t regret looking them up.

Khraungbin will have you boppin’ your head, Portra 400 make you feel cool as a cucumber, The Lagoons, ‘California’ is another banger, and Jupiter will make you cry. Seriously, an all around golden playlist!

1. The Marias – Carino
2. Khraungbin – Derm Kala
3. Unknown Mortal Orchestra – The World is Crowded
4. The Lagoons – California
4. Land of Peace – My Single Bed
5. Toro Y Moi – Still Sound
6. Victor! – Portra 400
7. Nolan Garret – No Secrets
8. Chicago Symphony Orchestra: Jupiter from Gustav Holst


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