Weekly Playlist

Here’s a catchy playlists I found time to put together this evening.
Hope you like it…

Erik Hight

1. Empire Of The Sun – We are the people
emire Empire’s music caught my attention a few months ago. They strike a catchy balance between two-man band and glamorous electro-pop. I had this song on heavy rotation a few weeks ago. ‘We are the People’ is a good soundtrack to my life. This song always makes me tap my heel and play the air guitar.
2. The Main Squeeze – Have a Cigar
TheMainThis one’s a cover of my second favorite song on my first favorite album. It’s rare for me to think that a cover song can be near the the standard of the original… But I’ve got to give it to The Main Squeeze, they played it pretty damn hard. Their guitarist plays a solo, probably better than the original. Yeah no joke!
3. Lake Street Dive – Rich Girl
LakeStreetI discovered this nifty little band when I was a senior in high school. I listened to Lake Street Dive for months before I graduated. Their kind of like a folk rock band with a blue-eyed soul singer. ‘Rich Girl’ is pure musical. Listen to their upright bass player!

4. Hope Tala – Blue
hopetalaHonestly, I don’t know who the hell Hope Tala is. But she makes a dreamy song!


5. Tame Impala – The Moment
Okay, this song is from Tame Impala’s ‘Currents’ album. Every song on that album is a banger! ‘The Moment’ is my favorite song from the album and I’d probably give my car away to hear it in concert. I’m joking. I don’t have a car.

6. Stella Donnelly – Tricks
Stellajust discovered Stella Donnelly a few days ago on some YouTube-generated playslist. ‘Tricks’ is the kind of song you roll your window down and cruise through some beautiful outback highway. 

7. Land of Peace – Happy Kushy Days
I stumbled across Korean Indie Pop music the other day at school and it sounds nothing like the name. It’s really dreamy laid back rock music with a twist. ‘Happy Kushy Days’ is actually a headbanger, something like Weezer’s power-pop rock style music.

8. Borns – Holy Ghost
God, I love Garret Borns! Borns somehow empowered me after my breakup by uncovering my appeal to “feminine” music. Wow, who knew…? Holy Ghost is a really powerful song. I can tell Garret Borns puts all of his feeling and expression in his songs. 

9. Jungle – Casio
jungleI’m not even sure how to classify this kind of music but it’s modern and it’s creative. I listen to ‘Casio’ on repeat while studying.

10. Eric Johnson – Cliffs of Dover

Oldie but goodie, I was listening to this song years ago when I was learning to play the guitar. I still put it on pretty often. I’ve got to say, it’s one of the most impressive guitar performance I’ve seen on YouTube.


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