April’s Music Playlist – 2


1. Still Woozy – Cooks
StillWoozyA lesser known musical artist, Still Woozy found success on internet platforms combining acoustic and electronic elements. Creative with a hipster vibe, ‘Cooks’ is the perfect Lofi track for cruising through the ole’ neighborhood.


2. The Marias – I Don’t Know You
TheMariasI’ve dedicated one out of every ten songs on my playlists to The Marias, a band I’ve only discovered recently. Their psychedelic soul sound has kept me listening to their two albums for weeks now. Music blog, ‘Noisey’ describes listening to the band as, “traveling in a time machine with your bilingual primo (that’s “cousin,” for you monolinguals)”

3. Khraungbin – People Everywhere
KhraungbinTheir second appearance on my playlist, this psychedelic funk trio from Texas picks up the pace with, ‘People Everywhere’. It’s the kind of tune that keeps your musical bones boppin’.

4. Unknown Mortal Orchestra – The World is Crowded
unknownmUnknown Mortal Orchestra might have been a good name for an unknown band in 2010. Today, the band receives tens of thousands of views on their YouTube page and has played all over the world. This song sends chills down my spine with its modern psychedelic rock and lofi tempo.

5. Loud Hound – High in the Bathroom
LoudhoundWho the hell is Loud Hound? I have no idea, but his track, ‘High in the Bathroom’, is one of those “500 days of summer” tracks. Perfect if you like indie rock music.

6. RMZ – Hometown (feat. Baptiste)
RMZRMZ’s, ‘Hometown’ featuring Baptiste mixes slow jazz with a hip hop backtrack and a slow bluesy guitar solo, and still manages to pass off as indie.


7. Borns – Past Lives
GarretBornsDreamy and somehow romantic in a nostalgic way, Garret Borns’, ‘Past Lives’, captures the brilliance of his lyrical gifts, likely inherited from his past life. 


8. Pandreez – A Summer Day In Paris
PandreezIf you haven’t listened discovered the new genre’s of music being born on YouTube than you’re missing! The up and coming genre of chill-hop, Pandreez’s, ‘A Summer Day In Paris’, is the quintessential, must-hear sample of the genre! I can’t recommend this one enough. It’s so jazzy! 

9. Jeff Beck – A Day In The Life
JeffBeckOne of the most dreamy Beatles songs, re-arranged Jeff Beck Style. I’m slowly making my way through the great guitar gods; Gilmour, Vai, Satriani and now Beck.
10. John Mayer – Covered In Rain
John MayerI’d give my left nut to see John Mayer live! I’m talking about the guitar god of our time! ‘Covered In Rain’ compares to greats’ like Stairway to Heaven, Hotel California and Comfortably Numb. 


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