Low Fidelity Mix

This week’s playlist is a low fidelity mix. Not actually lo-fi, most of these tracks sound like they were recorded in a studio, however, they fit the profile. If you’re wondering how I come across these tracks, I’ll spill the secret. YouTube is where I find most of the music that I feature in my playlists. YouTube is the gold standard of music innovation. Now that anybody can make a track from their computer, you only need a platform to publish your music to the world. In my experience, YouTube is by far the best platform to discover the newer and lesser-known artists out there.

The Second Sex – In a Mood
TheSecondSexDon’t judge me, this is my idea of baby-makin’ music. The slow jamz are so 2000’s. It’s 2019, The Second Sex is here for the takeover. And how ironic the name, ‘In a Mood’, perfect for a track that actually puts you in the mood. Oh, and that guitar riff at the end; send chills down my fuckin’ spine.

The Talking Heads – This Must Be The Place
If you listen carefully, you might notice that The Talking Heads kind of set the bar for current indie electronic. I mean, if I didn’t know who The Talking Heads were, I’d think these guys were another MGMT-like hipster band.
Toro Y Moi – Ordinary Pleasure
ToroymoiJesus, I’m so sorry folks, but I can’t get over Toro Y Moi. I put a song from Toro Y Moi in my playlist every single week because every single week, I find another banger. There’s always unique elements incorporated into his music. This track caught my attention with the African drums at the beginning.

NKLS – Catch It
NKLSNKLS, never heard of you guys, but I give credit where credit is due, this track is catchy as hell.


Pizzagirl – Seabirds
PizzagirlJenn, darling, this song reminds me so much of you so much. I mean, c’mon, you could play this one over and over again right?
Toro Y Moi – Freelance
Toro2Here’s another party anthem from Chaz Bear. This track is a dash of MGMT with a side of auto tune,  and topped with some Funkadelic.

Tep No – Swear Like a Sailor
TepNo1Yes, he did just say, “Screw you Taylor Swift”. Tep no has been on my radar lately. I first discovered Tep No, a couple months ago with their track, ‘Pacing’. 

Tep No – Pacing
Hell, here it is, my favorite song from Tep No, ‘Pacing’.
Tep No – Who We Are
You know what? Just go listen Tep No’s tracks. You wont regret it.

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