Summer Kickoff Playlist

I will literally sit on anybody who says that they are more excited than I am for the semester to be over and for summer to be starting. And god dammit, what better way to kick it off than with another playlist for you music junkies.

Childish Gambino – Feels Like Summer
ChildishGambino1Speaking of summer time, Childish Gambino has really set the bar for the summer melodies with, “Feels Like Summer”.  I mean really, have you stopped to think about how many “summer anthem” songs are out there? There are a lot, you can take my word for it. They all deserve credit, however, Mr. Glover has made a new standard for summer lovin’ anthems.

Sleepless – Shimmer
SleeplessYa’ll must know by now, I’ve been on a heavy low fidelity kick. Call me crazy, but I hear influence from bossa nova on this track. If you’re one of those people who don’t like repetitive music, than suck it up and put it on queue because it only will only take two minutes to change your mind.

Khraungbin – Friday Morning
KhraunghinChill City! A skippy melody drops the beat! I give them a 8.7 for that dreamy psychedelic melody, and a solid 10 for the change in tempo. Man, there’s not many artists who can pull of a tempo changes like Khraungbin.

Soccer Mommy – Benadryl Dreams
SoccerMommyHere’s another track for you Lofi whores! Someone enlighten me please; are people actually getting high from Benadryl? Why else would the track be called “Benadryl Dreams”? Anyways, if it’s meant to make you high, than this might actually be an appropriate track because it’s that good!

Tep No – Swear Like a Sailor
TepnoTep No, I’m tellin’ ya’ll, dont sleep on Tep No! Their’s is the kind of music you’ll really dig if you also like music by ODESZA and Hippie Sabatage. It’s dance/electronic music in case your curious.

Maribou State – Nervous Tics
MaribouStateOoo baby, this song kind of gives me a nervous tick; it’s such a mellow back vibe!  When I really stretch my imagination, I visualize this track to be what human civilization will party to in one hundred years. Futuristic house is what I call it.
LEISURE – Got It Bad
LEISURESomebody take my computer away, I can’t stop finding gold on the web! “Girl you think you got it bad”. I’m going to have this song stuck in my head all day!

Ariel Pink – Baby
ArielPinkYet another slow tempo lofi artists who was introduced to me by my sister. God, I love this track. It sounds like being in love.


Jye – Beachy Girl
beachyThis track is such has such a lazy vibe!
“she had a real nice silhouette and long blonde silky hair, she was slimmer then a figurine, had eyes like the ocean, splashing round in the waves, I can’t keep my eyes away, she was a beachy girl, she was a beachy girl”

Still Corners
StillcornersLondon based band, Still Corners, emerged on the music scene back in 2007. This is by far my favorite track by the band.




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