New City, New Job, New Home

I never stay in one place for too long, especially when I begin to feel comfortable. In my experience, feeling too comfortable in one place only leads me to a small mindset and makes the perfect recipe for depression.

So, now that the semester has ended, I’ve moved back to my old stomping grounds, Salt Lake City. Man, I can write poetry about my hometown; the hidden gem in the desert nestled in the valley between the Oquirrh mountains and Wasatch Front. There are few thing that I love better about the beehive state than the Alpine glow. When the sun sets over the valley, the Oquirrh mountains move the shadow over the valley from West to East. When that shadow line meets the foothill in the East, the entire mountain front glows purple. I never get tired of that view.

I’ve moved back to Salt Lake for the summer to do an internship with Salt Lake City Weekly. Some of your may have heard of it. Aside from the internship, I’m also working to save up some mullah for the next semester. I’m really excited for the internship, somewhat excited for work, and extremely excited to blog and write. This is my time to find my voice and style. I’ve got tons of great blog ideas for the Summer, so please stay tuned. I won’t dissapoint.

Erik Hight

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