My City Weekly Internship

Every now and then, I get nightmares. Last night was one of those nights. And to make things worse, they had to be nightmares about my breakup.

Needless to say, I was tired all day long. My back hurt, I felt bloated and fat. It just wasn’t a great day. I write from my Note 8, and today I pulled my phone out to write like three times, erasing what I wrote everytime because I wasn’t satisfied. This will be my final attempt, and if it falls, than i’ll try again tomorrow.

A couple weeks ago as my semester was wraping, I was seriously beginning to stress over my lack of plans for the summer. I was looking for any reason to move back to Salt Lake, but I was beginning to face the fact that l might have to stay in Utah County through the summer. I almost gave up before I wandered over to City Weekly’s website and discovered a summer internship program. The planets must’ve alligned that day, because the application deadline was that weekend. It was thursday and I was taking exams and studying for finals, but I found time to make a good resume, cover letter, and portfolio and send that bitch in. They got back to me days later to set up an interview. The interview was a slice of pie; I just put a big smile on my face, and behaved like myself.

I cant say for sure what I’ll be doing there, probably research-related tasks. After Wednesday, I’ll come back to the blog with an update.

Erik Hight

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