Internship Starts Today

Ladies and Gents. Today is the day my internship starts. l got up bright and early start today. Since both my sister and I work downtown, I carpool to work with her in the morning where she opens at the Blue Lemon in Salt Lake.

About my internship, I’m nervous as hell. It’s a good thing I’ve set precedent for a good reputation because if my social skills completely fail me today, than at least I can rely on my humble yet ambitious character.

I sensing some anxiety over that fact that I haven’t been challenged to hit a deadline or flex my creative brain cells since my semester ended a couple weaks ago. My last semester really acclimated me to an environment of hitting deadlines which works out because it will hopefully catapult me into this internship.

The picture above is the view from my sister’s store in City Creek looking over South Temple.

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