The Salt Lake Tribune Newsroom

My internship orientation was just splendid. City Weekley is completely suigeneris (just learned that word today, so I hope it’s appropriate). Their offices are in downtown Salt Lake, on 248 Main Street. Full admission, I almost like this internship based on it’s geographic location. It’s smack dab in the middle of the urban culture and hustle of the city. My desk has a second story view of Main. I get to sit on my computer all day doing research for the paper. Excuse me for saying, but thats exactly what I want to be doing this summer. I love the rabbit hole of information that we call the internet. Since my braincells have recently turned into sponges that just soak up information, I like spending hours on my laptop learning and doing research for my projects.

After the orientation, I took one of those city scooters over to The Gateway where The Tribune has their offices. The Salt Lake Tribune has been my favorite local paper since… hmm let me think, like last year when I began reading the news and following state politics with a keen eye. When I was young, my dad used to read the tribune. I remember him making a jab at Dessert News every now and then. Of course I was old enough to pick up on the differences in reporting between the Tribune and the Dessert.

I got a hold of a lady who was kind enough to give me a tour. My impression? The Tribune has a neat newsroom on the top floor of their building. I’m not sure what regular business hours are like for a newsroom, but my tour was at one in the afternoon, and most of the desks in the office were empty. I asked my tour guide how many employees the Tribune had. I don’t remember her name so I’ll call her Susan. She told me they had fifty employees which is a significant decrease from a time when the paper had over 200 employees.

Before I left, I reassured to Susan that if she was still working there in a couple years, than she would see me when I’ll be working for The Tribune. I mean it. Watch me.

Erik Hight

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