I cant complain people, I woke up this morning and I still had a heartbeat. A couple of months ago, I made the habit of reminding myself when I wake up that I still have a heartbeat, and that I’m still breathing wonderful air. Keep in mind that a couple months ago, I dreaded waking up and doing the whole life thing. My outlook is different now. But I keep that habit with me folks.

The highlight of the day? I went out to lunch with my favorite ex-girlfriend, Jenn. I cant tell you that it brightened my day for a specific reason. Nothing special happened. We just grabbed lunch and made cordial conversation like regular boring adults. I just like being around her. She’s a beautiful woman, and a beautiful soul. Being around a person with those qualities really lifted me today. Thanks Jenn.

I owe a massive shout out to my friends who have been giving me rides while I’m slaving my summer away to afford my own. Thank you!

Erik Hight