For My Fallen Friend, Megan Baisch

I recently closed a chapter of my life, so it feels good to find a new me. I have so many people to thank. There are people who played roles and made contributions to the plot line.

I know one of those people is Megan Baich. I’ve been remembering how much we opened up to eachother While we were hanging out. And how we pushed eachother to be better.

So the other day, I wrote her a letter, which I published here on my blog titled,”Letter to a friend”.

After finishing the letter, I texted Megan to ask her to read it, and for her permission to publish it. She didn’t respond, so I called her, and she didn’t answer. Today while scrolling through Facebook, I learned that Megan took her life.

On a certain school day, earlier in the year, I was outside the school having a cigarette. A girl dressed in a grandma outfit, and sporting a buzz cut approached me and asks for a smoke. So, I give her one and we begin talking.

That was the beginning of our friendship. We began hanging out all day at the school. She told me all about her family and I told her about mine. She told me about her last marriage. We really enjoyed eachothers company.

Then we started hanging out outside of school. We went driving around the countryside, finding cool things to look at. We went to the museum, we went fishing, we got high alot, we went to school events, and we sing n’ played guitar together. She gave me great memories. Oh and I can’t forget to mention that she had the singing voice of a goddess. For some odd reason, she had reservations about singing. I could only get her to sing sometimes.

Megan also told me about her demons. She was suffering a lot, I could see that. I cared because I knew what she was talking about. And she knew that I knew. She told me things that I’ll keep between her and I.

Thank you Megan for your presence in my life. You gave me more perspective. You kept me company.

I miss you! ♡

Erik Hight

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