I never write on my blog unless I can succesfully turn my incoherent jumbled mess of thoughts, into coherent words. Now it seems like I’m starting to make a book from the blogs I’ve started without finishing.

Today, right now, I’m riding a train all the way across town to meet with my therapist. I almost canceled. My friend killed herself earlier this week, and I dont think I can talk with my therapist for an hour without talking about Megan. I don’t want to talk to anybody about it. That’s why my blog exists. So that when friend’s die, and breakups happen, I don’t need to talk about it! I can write about it.

Megan and I helped eachother. We did bad together also. We got into trouble. We explored our university together. We had late nighters.

I try with words. But I can’t find the words to describe the role she played in my life for a brief period.

Rest in Paradise Megan!

Erik Hight