Good morning to all the good people! I woke up this morning and I was still breathing the delicious oxygen, which already makes it a bountiful day. Oh! And I got a free coffee this morning. It’s taking relish in the little things that reminds us how good we’ve got it.

The forecast in Salt Lake City this morning is cold and wet. Normally, I have to convince myself that I’m going to have a great day because it’s wet and cold, but this morning, people, I cant complain. Why? Because it’s 7:30 in the morning and I’m watching the rain drizzle on South Temple, sippin’ on a divine cup of joe, listening to ‘Daisy Chains’ and writing to the world. Doing this right here is the only thing I’d want to be doing in this moment.

I only wish that I had this moment with my friend Jenn. Whichever planets aligned to allow Jenn and I to have had eachother’s love and company for the time we did, are aligned differently now.

Well, I honestly cant wait to crack this day open, cause I feel full of gratitude and confidence. Now, that’s a good combination.

Erik H.