A Proper Farewell

This morning, I went to see my dear friend Megan for the last time. Her funeral was touching; filled with loving remarks. Besides crying for Megan, I cried also… for those of us who knew her from school They were her friends and allies from the LGBTQ club at the school. I cried with them, because while everyone else mourned for her loss, they mourned because they knew why she died. I know also.

I never gave Megan a proper goodbye. I don’t think anybody did. But I can say this. Megan was my last best friend, and I was hers.

I’m sorry Megan. I’m going to live better because of you. I might even survive this life because of you. I know that if you were here, you’d have some quick wit, smartass comeback for me. Well Megan, this life is for you!

Erik H.

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