I’m Doing The Gym Thing Again

Here’s a picture of my cousin and I after we did the Spartan Race

For the first time in almost six months, I was able to go to the gym… I cant really describe how familiar and home that working on my body felt like. It was baby steps. Small things.

A few years ago, I hurt my back from weight lifting. It progressed until it became a serious injury. It definitely felt like one. Almost six months ago, the discomfort became enough that I had to stop doing the very simple gym routine that I was doing. Between then and now, I’ve had to be very careful with what I do with my body.

My physical therapist has recommended for me to ease back into a simple routine.

I used to be a gym junkie. I’m rolling my eyes right now, but I used to live for the pump! I played rugby through highschool, and even though I wasn’t naturally athletic, I was a try-hard. After rugby ended, I figured out that I did have a natural ability for lifting. I really fell in love with the euphoria of doing 100% work ethic, drive, and determination.

After leaving the gym tonight, I realized how not-living I’ve been doing since I had to stop going.

I think I’ll go back…

Erik H

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