Babylon Sisters

Babylon Sisters is the name of this blog because it’s what I’m listening to right now.

I went to Albatross Records today to see if they had any albums worth picking up. They didnt have much to be honest. I did find a few which where worthy of buying, but because my truck has required some repair recently, I could only afford to buy one.

I picked up Steely Dan’s Gaucho.

I discovered Steely Dan on Pandora when I was in high school. I listened to Reelin’ in the Years, and fell in love with their sound.

My old friend Megan and I used fo share that in common. We both liked Steely Dan. We used to get baked to the bone, and listen to Can’t Buy A Thrill on vinyl. I think we both liked it because both our dads do also. Now, I think about her when I hear Steely Dan.

Anyways, I listened to it front and back a few times when I got home.

Yeah, so if your on the lookout for albums on vinyl, go check em’ out!

Erik H.

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