Meditations on Belief

This morning I’m at the Church History Museum in Salt Lake to see the meditations on belief exhibit.

The past year, I’ve made it a regular habit to visit art exhibitions. It started last year when I visited the Springville Museum of Art in Utah County.

Megan used to love going to see art exhibitions with me. She was an incredible artist.

As I look at this art, I see the faces in the painting, the colors and textures, and I wonder what that painting must have felt like before it was painted on canvas. If you look deeply, you can see the serenity and peace, disturbance and suffering of the artists in their painting. Megan’s paintings were very much a reflection of herself. Her art was beautiful. I look at this exhibition, and I can only think about her. I very much believe that Megan and her path exists in all the art here. It brings me to tears.

I’ve become somewhat of an art connoisseur myself. Here are some of the exhibits paintings.

Teodorico Cumagun
Stephanie Billings
Emma Taylor
Judith Anne Gustafson
Enter a caption
Jason Metcalf
Elizabeth Jean Stanley
Lynde Ann Mott
Marina Lukach
Cheryl Olson
Mary Z. Hutchings
Thomas Francis Schulte

“Art, undeniably, is conductive to happiness” – somebody

Erik H.

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