The Comings and Goings

I’ve been so scatterbrained, mildly unorganized, and pleasantly busy the past two weeks. That would account for the lack of quality content on my blog. If you’re reading this on my blog for the first time, than prepare for a full account of my doings, comings and goings. If you’re returning to the blog, you’ll notice that I’ve changed the look and feel of the site. It’s still under construction, so I apologize that things will look a little funny for a few more days.

I’ve spent more time writing and less take researching at my internship. The paper printed my entertainment pick, and now I’m writing 250 word precoverage articles for the paper’s online music blog (Buzz Blog). That makes me feel very proud since I’ve only been doing this writing thing for a few months. Hard work pays off.

Here’s a few things on my mind today…

Somebody told me that sometimes, my blogs come off as mellow dramatic. Is that true? I write from the heart, so saying that my blogs are mellow dramatic is saying that I am mellow dramatic. I’m okay with that.

I reconnected with on old friend. Doing that has been the highlight of the month. Even that would be an understatement. Anyways, I’ve ran into a lot of heartache and trouble with this person. So… it’s all thanks to the two of us for rediscovering the connection that brought us close together. I know that I only need me to complete myself but the truth is… she still has my heart. I have no regret in saying that.

I’ve discovered a lot of new music recently. I haven’t published a playlist blog in a couple of weeks, so now that I have a have a bunch of fresh new bangers stuck in my head, I think I’ll make a new playlist.

Thanks you all so much for reading on my blog. It’s always a pleasant surprise and much needed pick-me-up when somebody tell me they read my blog. Take care of yourselves!

Erik H.

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