The Keys on Regent

The weather forecast in Salt Lake today is hott with a 100% chance if heat and clear skies, meaning it’s going to be very hott. This is a good thing, because the sunlight is actually really good for a healthy body and mind. I’ve been spending a lot if time wandering around the city, using my journalistic eye to look for anything worthy of a blog. I found something.

Yesterday, I was winding up and down the smaller streets in-between Main and State. There’s a lot of good bars and restaurants in this area, and it seems to attract an upscale crowd. Baking in the sunlight, outside of a restaurant patio on Regent Street, was a weathered ol’ piano. It was obviously on piano that had been donated to a project and painted for the enjoyment of the crowds in Salt Lake.


I was wandering around town for this exact purpose, so I sat on the bench and played for a little while. For some reason or another, the sound of the piano among the sound of the busy city is way more majestic than playing the piano at the house I grew up in. My mom had me in piano lessons for eight years before I was old enough to quit on my own accords. I really hated those piano lessons. My heart and mind was not into it. But I have my mom to thank, because now I have a really good grasp on reading and understanding basic music theory. That knowledge was really valuable when I was learning to play the guitar a few years later. It serves me well now because, when I find a piano in the middle of the city, I know how to play it. I went back to that piano today to play the only song that I can remember – Ballade Pour Adeline. Whoever put that piano there, thank you!

Erik H.

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