Urban Arts Gallery 2.0

Today after work, I wandered down to the Utah Urban Arts gallery where I spent an hour looking at the new artwork there. I don’t know what attracts me to art galleries. I know what it feels like, but these are not matter of the mind – they are matters of the heart. If artwork was a matter of the mind, than I don’t think there would be a need for self expression in the form of visual creation. You cannot describe the feeling of visual texture, color, patterns and formation.

Spiritual practice has expanded my frame of view in which I see much more than a canvas with color in a piece of artwork. If you are sensitive enough to look deeply, than you will be able to see much beyond the painting. There’s a lot of rawness and sensitivity in the artwork. Most of this artwork is made by Salt Lake City artists who have contributed their work to the Urban Arts Gallery. I hope you’ll enjoy seeing this art. I publish these art blogs as a gatekeeper, and I hope you’ll find the same joy and inspiration in these painting as I have.

Here’s the link to my previous blog from the Urban Arts Gallery

Erik H.

Apparently I haven’t figured out how to put captions on the photos. Here’s a list of the artist featured.
Melissa Mae
Emma Goldgar
Anthony Granato
Tai Taeoalii
Andrew Alba
Nick Pedersen
Scott Tuckfield
Darrell Driver

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