The Spiritual Path Is The Path

I have been offline for a little bit. I’ve been putting a lot of my energy into two things; my spirituality and sobriety. I’ve always been willing to write about even the most sensitive parts of my journey, but it always becomes a matter of when the time will be right. Substance abuse will undoubtedly be a topic on my blog – as it is something that has affected me deeply. That will be a longer blog for that in the near future.

Deep spiritual practice has been my focus lately. If I ever doubted my ability to find the suitable rhetoric in my blog, then it’s completely warranted now. What I’ve realized is much beyond than what any words can really encapsulate. But I didn’t come to my blog to tell you that I can’t tell you what I need to tell you.

Believing give you comfort, solace, and sense of belonging, but there will be no courage and commitment to seek what is true.
– Sadhguru

There’s a deeply ingrained culture of spirituality in the eastern world. The knowledge and wisdom in the practice, belief and philosophy which is and has been known by spiritual leaders in the East for much longer than the Western world has come around to asking the questions to the answers. This is the information I’ve been filling my head with. Even with that, I never believe what I learn, no matter how logical it sounds. But if it appeals to my logic, than it deserves for me to test is against life, because the life right in front of us is the ultimate place to realize what is truly at the tip of our noses. Realization is not out there, nor is it even in our deepest philosophies. It is right here. Think like a fish realizing the water. It will not know this by investigating anywhere else. This has come to my experience with mindfulness and meditation. This is where we should start our journey.

Erik H.

I deeply apologize to the artist whose name is not credited with the artwork on this blog. I saw your art at the Southam Gallery in Salt Lake. I’ll be there next week to get your name and give you the credit which is more than needed for this fine piece of art.

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