Every Day Is Born Perfect

I’ve dedicated more and more of each day to to sit quietly and realize what the creator has graciously bestowed upon us at the start of each new day.

Every day is born perfectly. When it feels spoiled, its only because we have spoiled it. But if we live in union with the moving and changing nature of life and the creation, than every happening at every part of the day is new and exciting. Every happening, no matter how good and/or bad is perfectly part of nature. I finally understood what it means to roll with the punches. It’s necessary for our survival to keep up with the changing. Because if you observe the rest if the cosmos, its really obvious that everything is in a state of change and transformation. From the macro to the micro, everything remains in constant motion. Even every process in our body is in a state of forever changing. So to resist change is to be in a battle with all the creation. That’s not a battle you should fight. You’ll surely loose. I know this because I’ve tried, and I lost.

I used to hate waking up from sleep. The moment I’d realize my wakefulness, my depression and its allies were already there waiting for me. How unfair it was. My practice has moved me to a higher state of perception. With an amount of education and a certain degree and intensity of practice, my mind and body are reverting back to a state of union with the rest of life. Children are already this way. Their exuberance for life comes to them naturally. My wish to anybody reading this is for you to try and be this way. Be a vessel to life. Turn the food you eat, the things you hear, the company you keep and the information you recieve into wellbeing, compassion, artistry and positivity. It is 100% in your hands to do this. Your life is exactly what you make it.

Photo by Emma Goldgar

Erik H.

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