Conscious Writing

I usually come to my blog when I have something to say. Today, I have nothing to say. I was hoping that if I began to write, then the words will come to me. I’ve had few words to say the last few weeks. I have fewer words to say because my mind has not been occupied by very many things. I often really on my sense of passion when I begin to write. How can I write, if I haven’t had very much passion?

I’m beginning to realize that my way of writing can function just the same way as my spiritual practice. Here’s my real life example.

I spend a lot of time in meditation. My meditation practice has been focused on developing an eye to like inside just like we utilize our eyes to observe the outside world. I’d be lying if I said that my meditations always turned out how I typically hope for them to go. They dont! But no matter how the meditation is, it is always meditation. Because my meditation isn’t designed to achieve any state. It’s designed to be conscious of whatever is there. Because if I am aware enough, the meditation happens. When I cant shake the feeling of stress and/or frustration that I often carry with me throughout the day, I only have to be conscious of the feeling that arises.

It is just like writing. I’m riding home from school on the bus. I have been telling myself to come back to my blog. If I begin to write, I only have to be aware of the fact that I haven’t much to say. Now look… this blog has almost written itself.

Now Erik, be about it, dont talk about it. I love you all, and thank you!

Erik H.

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