The Only Gospel I Know

Life for me has been a beautiful novel unfolding all the time. It is always new, never the same. I can’t believe that with every six months, I’m getting to know a new version of myself which I never knew was possible.

The only real tragedy I face is when the people who actually know me best only see the part of me that is the catalyst for change rather than the changing itself. What catalyst for change? I have dealt with my own mental instabilities. It is part genetic, and part conditioning. Either way, I have had a very real struggle with anxiety and depression. But those who know me or who have read my blogs will know that I hate being stuck. I absolutely cannot stand being in a state of stagnation. The pain and suffering of stagnating in life is far greater than the fear and uncertainty that accompanies change.

In retrospect, I can say that ever since my high school graduation, I’ve been wandering through life. I’ve covered more ground than I thought I could. I’ve been committed and I’ve been single. I’ve gained and I’ve lost. I’ve been full of life and also empty. There’s been so many people who have come and gone. My mind has been full of conclusions and also empty of them. I’ve thought through so many philosophies, examined my psychology and racked my mind. I’ve finally found the god I am serving and on the same token, I know nothing about him. I serve the God Well-being. My well being is the determining factor in every decision that I make. Everything I do is in pursuit of having deep seated joy and peace. I don’t care for anything extra. I don’t care for knowledge and education. I don’t care for security or prosperity. I don’t care for companionship. I care to know who I am. I care to realize myself. Those things are more important to me than anything else.

There is a specific great degree application. That application has been made very complicated by the academics and scholars of the world. Religion has largely in part missed the point. Governments and world leaders have desperately and implicitly tried and succeeded in suppressing this quality which will take human from stagnation to evolution.

It is conscious living and awareness. That is the determining factor which makes a human free from the chains of society. When one is conscious of his living, he becomes unbounded and his intelligence becomes very sharp. As we can see, an unbounded being is a threat to society. A conscious man can think for himself. He sees everything just the way it is. This is the “new man” which the spiritual leader OSHO used to speak about.

My adult life only began to pick up when I started practicing conscious living. It started with the practice of daily mindfulness. But as the years go by, mindfulness and meditation began turning into realization of the unbounded potential of human being. In my daily experience, this quality has changed my paradigm in way which I didn’t think was possible. My fears have melted away. The possibility for new and changing is always fresh. Awareness in my life has help me to adapt a new psychology and way of interacting with my life. When I have to face my demons, it is not so bad. Because no matter how bad it is, I’m always able to bear it with the highest grace. I only teach one gospel. It is the only gospel which is needed, because if each person can begin to add more consciousness in their life, than the world’s problems would begin to disappear on their own. Any problem which is faced can be meet with awareness. When suffering is meet with consciousness, it is transformed into beauty. When confusion is meet with awareness, it turns to clarity. Everything else follows after the adoption of consciousness.

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