Connecting With The Season

Wow, I can’t believe how quickly Summer passed by. That reminds of something I noted while journaling yesterday. This year, I’ve remembered and thoroughly enjoyed the times of the seasons much more than in years past.

I already know why. I’m much more alive to my senses than I’ve even been before. I love closing my eyes while taking a sip of wine and relishing if every part of the experience. The smell, and the taste, and the feeling.

I love the feeling of the sun’s radiating heat on my face and shoulders. Feeling my hair tickling my nose in the breeze used to drive me crazy. It doesn’t anymore.

Probably best of all is the feeling of my breath. I love my breath. It’s so intoxicating and filled with life force that I can feel reinvigorating my cells. I don’t know if there’s anything as naturally simple and blissful as filling the lungs with air. I do it all the time. I close my eyes, and feel the natural rhythm of my breath. I do it on the bus, I do it in class, and I do it anytime I’m sitting.

Never take it for granted. Life is happening right now, and it’s filled with more than enough to fill you with contentment and joy.

Erik H.

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