One year down, many more to go

I feel inclined to share something that’s been heavy in my heart this month.

Last Friday, I was reporting at the third annual UVU Suicide Prevention Conference. When the event showed up on my radar a few weeks before, I didn’t let any time go by before calling dibs on the article with my editor.

One year ago this week, I almost took my life. It was a really bleak time in life, and I didn’t think that I’d make it through. I clearly remember thinking that I couldn’t imagine another week going by, nonetheless an entire year. I definitely didn’t imagine myself reporting at a Suicide Prevention Conference as a reporter with a deep passion for the issue at hand.

I never imaged being in the mental and physical space that I am in now. By a lot of courage and willpower, I pulled myself out of that hole. There’s no other way to put it. I picked myself up by the bootstraps and took everything one moment at a time. I give myself all the credit for that feat.

Six months later, I met Megan Baisch. She was really and angel with an incredible heart. She included everyone in her kindness, unfortunately she couldn’t extend the same kindness to herself. She took her life on May 16th.

It took a lot for me to process the emotions and feeling in the subsequent months, but one thing was for certain — I was going to do something about it. Depression and suicide was like a battlefield. I made it through, but Megan did not.

Today, I submitted a draft to my editors on the Suicide Prevention Conference. My heart is filled with deep-seated peace. I found my way out. I am doing what I can do. I hope my words reach the eyes and ears of somebody who needs a hand or words of encouragement. I wish to give thanks to my schools newspaper (The Re.Vu) for giving me a platform in which to share my message. Thank You.

Sat Nam

Erik H.

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