First Day at a New Job

I started a job today at the coffee shop. Oops, I mean “The Coffee Shop”. Hah, that’s literally the coffee shop’s name. So I’ve never formally known how to make coffee, but that why I picked up this job. I know that making coffee drinks isn’t being a fancy bartender, but I know more people who drink coffee on a daily basis than alcohol. So in that sense, I’d say making coffee is a skill, and it’s one that I want to learn.

Speaking of learning, today was my first day in training. It went really well, and I’m looking forward to meeting and getting to know the other five baristas at our shop.

I was tasting and testing a lot of the drinks on our menu. Thanks to like five cups of coffee in four hours, I walked out of the shop like a crack baby. No joke, I must have drank so much coffee this morning. I had the jitters in my arms and legs.

After work, I hopped on the bus, rode to school, and then fell asleep like a log. Yeah, as soon as I got to school, I found a comfy couch and fell asleep for like two and a half hours. It was one of the dank naps that you wake up from without a clue where you are or what day it is. Yeah, I’m actually still waking up from that right now.

Here I am, giving a quick update on my day. And in case y’all were wondering, I’ve been listening to music by The Cranberries today.

Sat Nam everyone!

Erik H.

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