Leave Your Mark

Life has really left its mark on me.

Jenn, you are gone now, and I’ll never be over it. That left a mark.

Megan, you are gone now, and I’ll never see your face again. That left a mark.

There’s not many places left for life to leave it’s mark.

Erik, where are you? Where did you go? Where have you been? I miss you, I hope you show your face soon, because the lights are getting dim, and the batteries are on low.

They say the night is always darkest before dawn right? How long does dusk last. Weeks? Months? Years? A lifetime?

It’s been a long time. It was there, then it wasn’t. It comes and it goes.

Come leave your mark, let’s see how far you can push me. I’m not afraid. I’m not afraid to see what is next. I’ve been battered and broken. I’ve been mistreated and misunderstood. What else can you do? Throw your punches. Even in death, I can stand. There’s no defeat here.

But one day, I will be gone. And everyone will have misunderstood why I went. Even you.

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