Gandhi’s Way to God

If I could meet for a casual conversation with one person deceased, it would undoubtedly be with Mohandas Gandhi. “Gandhi’s Way to God” is one of the most profound books I have ever read. It’s no superficial statement — I’ve read many books, and every word read has been judged carefully through the purity of my heart. 

Ben Kingley’s performance in the 1982 Richard Attenborough film “Gandhi” was that which led me to discover more about the life of Gandhi. The film released much before my time. I wasn’t even a thought in 1982. I first saw the film when I was a child, but like most children, I did not yet have the maturity to see what it is. 

If the film gives an accurate representation of the life of Gandhi, than I’m only led to wonder in amazement as to how a man of such simple faith became the beloved figure of India. What an inspirational life and example to be. 

Four weeks ago, I walked into a used bookstore, with no expectations on which book I’d pick up next. It was actually my first time in this particular bookstore, but to my surprise, they actually had an isle dedicated my current obsessions, “Eastern Religion and Philosophy”. There were so many good books I wanted to take home. “Gandhi’s Way to God” caught my eye, and I couldn’t put it down. The book, only 105 pages long, was maybe the best $4 I’ve ever spent. I walked immediately to the coffee shop down the street, found an empty sofa, and read every word carefully in just a few hours. 

My favorite line from the book,

“How beautiful it would be if all of us, young and old, men and women, devoted ourselves wholly to truth in all that we might do.”
– Gandhi

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