Letter To A Friend: My Best Friend

Alright Erik. This weekend is gonna be a challenge, no doubt about that. I have to put on my big boy pants, and be on my best behavior. This week, I’m going down to Central Utah for my best friend’s wedding. 

There are some things which will test my character, but there’s also nothing that this person cant handle. 

One thing remains more important than anything. My best friend is getting married. She’s getting married to my childhood friend, Devan. It is the most beautiful union.

Jess, here’s for you…

I can’t believe how much we’ve been through together. I can’t believe how many versions of you that I’ve seen. You have always been there for me. There were some weird times, and I did some funny things but you were always there. Always forgiving, always understanding, and always patient. 

I was knocked on my ass a few times, but you were always there reaching out your hand. In some strange way, you almost always knew my blind spots before I did. Sometimes I took your advice, sometimes I didn’t. Regardless of the fact that we drifted different direction at certain times, our friendship never flickered out. 

I saw you stand tall for your family. You stood tall for Jenn and I. I saw you stand tall for Devan and for Sean. 

You should know Jessica, that I look up to and admire your strength. Even though I’ve never had the habit of telling you, I do see your actions and deeds. Jessica, life throws the punches, and it’s our job to keep on standing up. It would be selfish to say that I always stood back up on my own. I didn’t. You were there and Jenn was there. It must have been fate. You understand, my life is like a great novel, and the Oval is maybe the greatest chapter thus far. Even though that chapter is closed now, you seem to be one of the only characters that became part of the plot line. I love the shit out of you Jess. I’ll never forget all our camping trips, the outings, the late nights, the inside jokes, the jobs we worked together, and our friends which have come and gone. 

It’s time for a new chapter in your life. I sincerely wish you and Devan a lifetime of love, laughter, memories and everything else to come. 

Erik H. 

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