Rolling With The Punches

I’m writing this blog at Peace on Earth Coffee Shop — where I write most of my blogs. Except I’ve only got a half hour to crack this one out because I’ve got a train to catch in less than an hour. Actually I was supposed to catch that train twenty minutes ago, but they left me. Can you believe that?!

Has this every happened to you? The train was still stationed and I was walking down the platform with still a minute to catch. Granted I was cutting it close, but I wasn’t the only passenger rushing to hop on. I saw another passenger at the opposite end of the train running to hop on. He made it, and I was only fifteen seconds after him to hit that button which opens the door. Except the door didn’t open. Why wouldn’t the door open?! I was on time. The train was still stationed but as I tried another door, the train began inching forward ever so slightly. This must be some kind of passenger discrimination because the operator let the other passenger on (only joking). I was only fifteen seconds behind him. The operator saw me also! I passed the front end of the train and crossed right in front of him before I headed down to the doors. He knew I was there.

I wasn’t happy about it, but that’s no problem because plans never actually go south, they just go kinda sideways. And today they went sideways in the direction that I’m writing this blog now and you’re reading it. Yeah, the train isn’t far from the Coffee Shop so I said fuck it, hopped on one of those scooters and zipped down here in time to send a message in the form of a blog. Here’s the message…

Don’t take plans to serious. Plans are subject to change, and change is mostly out of our control. Roll with the punches. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself in a battle with the cosmos (all of which is in constant change), and you’ll be sure to loose that battle.

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