The Space In Between

Morning ritual is the most important and special part of the day for me. I do sadhana every morning, and as part of that ritual I’m always sure to spend time writing. Often, I don’t have much to say but at the very least, I always write what I’m grateful for. That is in my journal of course. It’s freakishly raw by the way. Sometimes I’m afraid to every look back at what I wrote last month or last year. One look at my journal, and I say, “Yeah this guy has been to crazy and back. More than once.”

This wrote itself in my journal this morning,

“Erik, you’ve trekked pretty far,
How have the views been?”

“I was scared to wander too far that I forgot where to find home.
And quite curiously, by wandering far, I accidentally found that home is right here, and before that, I didn’t know my home.
It’s right here in my breath, and I take it with me everywhere I wander.”

“It goes in and it goes out,
It goes down and back up.
And there in the space in between is a place to arrive,
More still and blissful than anything”

“That’s home.”

Yes, I have an intimate relationship with my breath. And I think you should to. My breath is my home. It is my temple.

Sat Nam

Erik H.

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