Krishna’s Lotus Temple

I owe a huge spotlight to Krishna’s Lotus Temple in Spanish Fork Utah. The spiritual path has been always changing and always new. I thank the creation for conveniently putting me at a place where I can be so close to a holy place a worship.

Although Salt Lake City will always be my number one home, I live right now in Southern Utah County where the Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple is located. I don’t know what the meaning of “Sri Sri Radha” is. I’ve only and always called it Krishna’s Lotus Temple. Many people will know this temple only as the place where the popular “Festival of Colors” is held annually.

It is strange how I came to spend so much time at the temple. I was thinking about this today after my meditation at the temple. I remember the first time being there. It’s on old childhood memory, I can remember my Dad driving the family from Salt Lake to Spanish Fork to see it. I remember knowing that we were visiting the worship space of another faith (I was a Mormon back then), but I knew nothing about Hinduism or that we were at a temple. Today I thought about this and it dawned on me about how strange it was as a child to be at the place where I spend so much time now. I could have never known, but there must be some significance behind the fact that I retained this memory (I was very young). I don’t remember much else from that time. But this memory I do have. And it’s even stranger that the temple patrons who gave us the temple tour all those years ago were none other than Charu Das and Vai (the two who founded this temple site via ISKCON). I know them now, and it’s my favorite part of the week to hear them every Sunday at worship.

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The Temple was built in 1996 in Spanish Fork Utah to accommodate the needs of the Hindu Community in Utah. I was born the year before and for many years I worshiped in Salt Lake as a Mormon. If you’re reading this from outside of Utah, than you won’t be surprised to hear that just like many Utah natives, I was born and raised inside the LDS church. Leaving the church is for another blog, but Krishna is for this one. I’ve studied through many faiths and spiritual traditions over the years. I’ve included many practices in my experience. At present time, I’m more than blessed to be worshiping with the Hindus at the Hare Krishna Temple. I’m always learning more about Hinduism (there’s a lot to learn), but being around the priests and devotees at the temple has shown me the way to worship. My friend Kanak taught me to become God Conscious through chanting. I’ve learned the essence. Charu’s talks have given me the most valuable insights and tools to raise consciousness. Vai gave me the opportunity to work and participate at the Temple, which I’ve learned is worship rather than work. Gora and I spend plenty of time talking and he has answered many of my questions about the faith of Hare Krishna. And it was only this morning that Padha lent me his ear as to what I deal with at work, and he gave me this advice — “Just go with the flow”. Oh, and the Temple’s beauty. It’s so beautiful, I could spend all day there! The grounds are beautiful also. Everything there is so beautiful.

It would be more appropriate to specify that the Hare Krishna faith is somewhat of a sect under Hinduism. With Hinduism being the oldest faith and religion in the world, there are many sects and paths to follow. They are all somewhat similar, but I understand more now why they are all in line with truth and not separate. By my understanding, Hare Krishna is included in that also.

Through my study, I’ve also come to love and appreciate the Indians and their deeply enriched culture. Such great people they are. Loving and always with a smile. They remind me of my own humble Mexican heritage. Many of the devotees at the temple are Indian and many are not. But they are all humble parcels of the great creating and I’m somehow worthy enough to be in that circle. Thank You Krishna, and thank you temple patrons and devotees. Hare Krishna!

Sat Nam!

Erik H.

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