Shiva Jata

Hey readers, I’ve been writing blogs of a more poetic and/or prose format lately, but today I only wish to document and journal as to the current happening in my weird life. Yes, my life is very weird and it becomes more so every year that passes by…

The spiritual path has meant much to my life. Actually the spiritual path has been my path. It has not been any other way. I look in the mirror. I do a check in. I see myself objectively and also comparatively. I have changed on the inside and on the outside. Those changes have all been consequential to the spiritual path. I thank the Creation every day for having given me the platform to transform from that to this.

I put Jattas in my hair. That was a decision that came from the heart. If you ask me about matters of the head, I can give you a full detailed analysis for every expect of decisions made that way. This decision was a matter of the heart.

I wish to follow the path of Shiva in this life. The wisdom of the East and enriching knowledge from great figures of the past have shown the way. It has been my life lately to go that direction. It was already happening. Through my own practice and path to well-being, I found this lifestyle. It is natural. It is simple. It is wholesome. I don’t put toxins in my body. I treat it well. I don’t fluff my ego, rather I keep it simple. My outward appearance is in effort for spiritual application and inner technology. This is the wisdom of the East. They have known it for a long time. It does no belong to the East, but they have certainly been in touch enough to see the other dimensions of life and exploit them.


I dreaded my hair. It is not a fashion statement. It is a spiritual tool for me. I have known the energy and force in this body. There is a way it likes to be, and I’m only making myself in a way to be more conducive to that which will raise my consciousness. The proper name for them is “Shiva Jattas” or “Jattas”. The ultimate Adiyogi Shiva, was the one who ordained Jattas as a great essential for spiritual well being and higher consciousness. Make yourself sensitive and see that hair is very much a conductor to energy. Many cultures across time and history have known this and therefore treated their hair a certain way. Sikhism, Shaivism, Rastafarian, Yogis, Mystics, Shamans and Native Americans have all known this for a long time. That knowledge (and much more) is written in the Vedas. It has been known for a very long time.

I stopped cutting my hair a few years ago, and I’ve always treated my hair very naturally and respectfully. It has enhanced my well-being. Try it and see. Your hair is very much a conductor to the energy centers is the body. You can see this in meditation also. There are many yoga practices and meditations which will have you become aware of the flowing energy in life. It exists in your hair also.

Sat Nam

Erik H.

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