The Herb

Yes, today’s blog is one that I’ve been waiting to write. I don’t know what I was waiting for. For some unfortunate reason, the topic of this blog remains somewhat taboo in some circles and is still stigmatized. I could go on all day about this. I have my opinions, but this blog is not about that. This blog is about my close relationship with the Marijuana plant over the years. There are people I’ll mention here. I hope they don’t mind me using their name as it pertains to my marijuana usage. But those people were proponents, not opponents, so I hope they won’t feel this as breaching their privacy.

I have loved the marijuana plant over the years. Think of any thing or any person that you know at a subtle level. Haven’t you seen it through thick and thin? This has been Marijuana and I. I have used it, and it has used me. That’s not a metaphor. Study the biology and history of the plant over time. You’ll see that marijuana and human species have had co-evolutionary relationship over time. The plant has made itself beautiful and intoxicating. Isn’t it because of its intoxicating properties that we continue to help its species survive?

I have used Marijuana and I’ve abused it. Just like everything else in existence, this plant has no inherent moral value, good or bad. It just is. And because of its properties, it has been discovered as something of a tool by many people and cultures over time. Tools do have its properties also. It’s like a machete, which is also only a tool. If you are neglectful, than you can do serious hurt to people. Also, you can use it to save a woman from rape. It only depends how you use it. That is an important thing to be said about Marijuana. It is already established that Marijuana is not a harmful drug. I won’t enter that debate, because it seems to be null.

I tried Marijuana a few times while I was in high school, but I don’t ever remember having a lasting impression about it back then. Life began picking up and I started branching out after high school. That is when I picked up Marijuana. I think all three of my siblings (older sister, younger sister and younger brother) were already using it at the time. I started at first smoking Marijuana on my own. I used it very seldom back then.

For a few years after high school, I spend time with a particular group of friends. We weren’t typical. Our idea of fun was camping all summer, spending days at the lake, park or pond, hiking, and anything else outdoors and away from the city. Marijuana was reserved for those occasions. God, what a golden time. Those days when the group of us stared at campfires and smoked, listened to music and smoked, hiked and smoked. We never needed it to have fun. We were already having fun all the time. The Marijuana’s spirit was always just with us. That was fun.

My ex girlfriend might have minded at first. We spent a few solid years together despite being from quite different cultures. Well, due to our differences in background, I think marijuana was a bit new for her. She didn’t use it, I did. After a short period, she became so used to it. She was wary of substances, and she still is. But I think that after seeing that Marijuana might be the only substance which wasn’t leaving an ugly mark, she was perfectly okay with it and it became a norm. It was so often part of my routine to use marijuana that she even learned to grind me some green and pack me a leafy bowl. How kind of you, thank you.

There were darker times also. I went through a period of substance abuse. Those years took away a lot in my life. That’s an understatement. Substance abuse took away every thing that had value to me. My mental health went. My physical health went. My partner went. A whole chunk of my life went because of certain choices. I don’t condemn myself harshly. My life has took a 360 since then, but I didn’t know better at the time. I suffered a lot then, and I certainly paid the price. Those were some rocky times and rough experiences, but it certainly gave me something more valuable and that is my spirituality. I’m digressing. Well marijuana was with me during the substance abuse, and it began to become something I was dependent on. It was another substance, and I was always high on something during that time. It took some time and sacrifice to pull myself out of that hole. It took a lot of life and energy. I learned about marijuana during that time.

I could say the many chapters in my life and how marijuana was there. I went through a short stint with opioid addiction. That was a tough one. I didn’t see a way out of the grasp of addiction. I didn’t think I could do it. But I summoned the will, and with the help of marijuana, I got clean.

Marijuana helped me handle some dark experiences when they were seemingly to heavy to carry. There were some nights when I was lonely and helpless. Marijuana was there to point the way back to safety. Some people can tell this, and some people can’t, but I’ve certainly done crazy. During that time, it was also marijuana that gave me some sanity. There was a period of time when I dealt with some severe and chronic pain. That was lasting, and it took me some time to learn what my body was telling me. But when the pain was dainty, marijuana was again there for me. So I can say from this, that I’ve used marijuana for medical purposes also.

Marijuana has helped me bond. I’ve done time as a stoner, and I’ve had more than plenty of experiences bonding over fresh greens. There was the time when I lived with all my friends. We were a house full of stoners. Wow, what a great time that was. Anytime of day or night, my roomie buds were there to light green. I’ve done so much discovery and learned a lot about myself with marijuana.

Here’s my favorite things about it now. I love my siblings. We are a pack! All my siblings use marijuana also. The have for years. They did then, they do now, and the will probably continue to do so. If we did team verse team ultimate smoke sesh, I want my two sisters on my team! I love spending time with my siblings. We smoke weed and talk, go fishing, listen to music, make art. It has been a great bonding experience. I love you guys!

The years come and gone quickly. Whole chapters of life come and go. But marijuana has stayed the same. It has been there by my side always. It’s unfortunate that there have been people whose opinions I care about that look judgmentally on my decision to use marijuana. I have no shame. I’m proud to be a marijuana user and advocate. It’s benefits are plenty and I have my experience to testify to that! I will not change my mind. You cannot separate people expressions in life from them as the person you know. My choice to use marijuana is also me. If you discriminate the choice, than you discriminate me also. That stands for all expressions of being.

I cannot say all this without expressing my gratitude to the creator for the beauty and variety of life which I know is there for us to partake of. As a collective human race, I think we must have done something right to partake from our Mother Earth with all the herbs and spices that there are. So thank you Mother Earth, and thank you creation. Every time I inhale the marijuana, I know that there is divinity and grace in the partaking of that sweet intoxicating plant. You take the bread and water. I will take the marijuana, that is my sacrament!

Sat Nam

Erik H.

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