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A few things I have to say…

I’ve written earlier blogs about one of my passions and side hobbies — horticulture. That is the art of garden cultivation. I started loving plants a few years after high school. After a particular tumultuous time in my life, I found planting as a way to cope. That turned into full passion. I always have plants with me now. Almost two years ago now I started publishing a lot of plant videos and updates on my snapchat. There were a few haters whose names never stayed in my memory, but there were more people who liked to see my updates. They used to tell me that they liked to see my videos and thought they were cool. I do remember those people’s names. Bless you! I don’t keep up with the snapchat updates anymore, but my updates have turned a different direction which is this blog — Nirvanablogs.

Now, people tell me that they read my blogs. Those people were never the ones who I’d consider as part of my audience, but they are. Thank you so much. I feel so blessed that people have that much sensitivity to invest their energy in things which are the nuances of life. That is literature. All kinds of literature, even somebody’s blog. Thank you so much. Sat Nam to you!

I don’t think twice about the message that can perceived by others, instead I care about the message I’m sending. So I don’t become embarrassed or shy when I hit “publish”. It’s that simple for me really. It’s not of any major consequence anyways. However, there have been a few people lately who have also told me how surprised they are about how honest I am on Nirvanablogs. When they tell me that, I feel honored again. But then, I feel a hint of nervousness. I think, “What could I have said that may have been too open?” What a small and impish thought.


Last year, I started this blogs as a term project. I actually became excited about it and spent a lot of time and energy — on the first thirty blogs especially. I actually think the professor for that class might read this blog also.  I surprised what I’ve realized about Nirvanablogs. It has a personality. It’s my personality, and I’m the one who gets to look at it and enjoy it the most. That is my privilege. This blog is me. It’s inside my head. It’s into my life. I like reading this book. It’s a good one.

I tell stories. Those are stories about my life. I’ve said many times before on the blog — my life is the greatest book. So I have to write it down. That makes me the author also. If you read these blogs, you can see that there have been highs and low. That is pretty much true in the real life. But I’ve learned to learn to stay untouched by it all. That has been stated in these blogs also. Life gets weird guys. These things happen to me all the time, and I’m just left thinking, “Wow, what the hell is even happening”. What a strange life man. That’s just how its been. So I just kind of strangely enjoy it. It’s fun for me also. This is my hobby. It’s what I like to do when I hang out with me. I consume the proper herb and write these blogs. Sat Nam! Thinking about it now, I’ve learned a lot about myself also. That shouldn’t come as a surprise. This is journaling after all.

I have spoken openly about other people. Those people are the ones who made huge contributions to my life. Those people would know who they are. You all have meant a lot to me. If you knew how deep I dig write these blogs, than you’d actually know what you’ve meant to me. So thank you honorable loves who have been the crux of Nirvanablogs. Your essence are all over these words.

Sat Nam!

Erik H.

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