My New Home

I moved into a new home today! I am first and foremost grateful for this to happen. I moved myself this direction, but surely there must have been someone other than me who made this possible. Thank You!

This is noteworthy news for my blog for a few reasons. This blog is the closest to being the book of my life. How could I not mention that I moved into a new place? I have said many time before on this blog, my life is in a constant state of changing.

Oof, it’s been tough. Two years ago, my life was comfy. It was easy. I had exactly what I wanted. I had an awesome job. I had the greatest friends. I lived in a great place with great roommates, and I had an angel for a girlfriend. What an awesome time it was. I would have been great to know that things were about to change very quickly. I didn’t see that my life needed change in order for me to grow and evolve. It might have made things easier when it all came crashing down right as it was climaxing.

The past two years have been a lot of moving, a lot of new places, a lot of new people, and a lot of new experiences. There have been serious growing pains, and sometime I didn’t think I had it in me. But the time came again for new change. Now, the semester is over. I picked up a new job and it undoubtedly requires a different skill set than my previous one.

I’ve moved to a new town. I was becoming comfortable where I was living, and after the big move two years ago, I’ve actually become fearful of comfort. I don’t want to live in the comfort zone. So I came here. I’m closer to work. I’m closer to my school. I’m closer to people in my demographic.

I haven’t spoken much to my roommates yet, but the two of them seem like pretty laid back brothers. I’m excited to see how this new change challenges and encourages my mind, body and spirit on the path that I’m on. I’ve yet to concecrate this new space, but it is on my priority list.

Much thanks to the universe and its forces for being so favorable!

Sat Nam

Erik H.

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