The Tree of Eternity

With twigs that stretch out towards infinity, And the branches of eternal light, This universe is the boughs if a mighty tree, Holding all life in the shade of endless night.

While ages of time color the countless leaves, Galaxies burst forth as it’s golden seeds, Watered by tears, it grows when someone grieves, Blooming with flowers; perfumed by our needs.

Blossoms that then to fruiys of pleasure and pain, Salty, sour, bitter, pungent, and sweet, Fire, air, earth, and water as rain, Roots dug deep in space, like ancient feet.

This is the mighty Oak, the Banyan, the Pine, A seed from a cosmic wind, blown from far away, The trunk on which each soul is a clinging vine, In the garden of love that answers when we pray.

And leave is the gentle breeze that waves each bough, Beneath Father Sun and Mother Moon, this tree Is the symbol of Truth to which we all should bow, I’m the forest of life, stands the Tree of Eternity.

Kavindra Rishi

Sat Nam

Erik H.

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