This Decade

Sat Nam, brothers and sisters! I hope you’ve treated yourself well the past few weeks. I have not been on Nirvanablogs recently, but whether or not I am here, I always wish you well. Scrolling through the Reader, I’ve seen a lot blogs to wrap up the 2019 and welcome the new decade. I didn’t read them, but they must have been resolutions and recaps. I’ve been offline lately. I haven’t written a blogs in weeks. In fact, I haven’t even opened my computer very much in the recent weeks. That is my design. Just as I have often done, I’m experimenting in my life which has pulled my attention in other dimensions.

It seems like this life experience is much life a mathematical equation in which there is an input and output. And thank God that we have the agency to choose how to make. That, or we have the illusion of choice. Whichever one it is, it allows me to feel like I have the discretion to choose. So I’ve chosen to change my lifestyle, just like I’ve done many times before. It’s hard to do! It requires my strict discipline. Although I haven’t been perfect, I’ve done well, and I’ve seen results. For one, I’m happy. That has been the primary objective. When I’m grounded in my well being, I’m enabled to focus on other dimensions of life. Dimensions which I’ve been seeking after and which my heart has been calling for.

I have been reading. I cannot stop reading. There is a transformative power in reading. It is something about literal rhetoric that can transport you from one mental place to another. And with the deep and diverse selection of books, you can be taken anywhere. You can try on anything. I’m reading three books at the time. I only have so much energy to spend in a day, and I’ve learned a way to spend it wisely.

I’ve put a lot more of that energy into Yoga and meditation. I will write a seperate blog about my recent discoveries, but one thing is that I have become a morning person. Any time before, it has taken me effort and dedication to become a morning person. It always got easier after a week or two, but still, I normally have to set an alarm and an intense resolve to actually rise when I awake in the morning. This time is strange and different. I don’t set and alarm. I just wake, and when I wake, I’m ready to begin. This is strange because now I only sleep five hours and am fully energized the other nineteen hours of the day. It’s such a great thing to be happening, because I’ve spent the dark, cold morning hours in peaceful bliss and solitude while I read for hours and raise my spirit.

My mother would not like to read this, but I have not specifically made or written down goals for the New Years. I have not felt the intense urge to since I have already found a delicate swing in momentum that I haven’t wanted to disturb. I’m excited to see how this turns out. In my life, there’s been a noticeable shift from the head to the heart. It is scary. It feels risky and uncertain, but it feels right.

I look forward to my pilgrimage, which I’ve mentioned here on Nirvanablogs. The time is coming nearer, I can feel it. It is only possible because I am following my heart. I have no regrets for that. Furthermore, I’m actually really grateful to have received this courage at a young ripe age of twenty four. I already know I don’t want to be on old man who regrets the things I didn’t do because of fear and uncertainty. I hope I can inspire somebody with the courage to follow your heart and dispel your fear. You can do it. I believe in you, and I hope you will believe in yourself.

Sat Nam

Erik H.

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