Entry 02 — The Atman Journal

I’ve started a second blog. The Atman Journal is my personal online journal, and one which I’ve taken the courage and liberty to express freely the things which are in my heart. I don’t anticipate many to understand that which I express, but I am also not writing these words for anyone else except for the sake of my own soul. That is true and free expression. Nirvanablogs is a great blog! I am proud of it. I has taken on a spirit of its own and I often refer to it as the novel of my life. The Atman Journal is not the novel of my life. It is something altogether different, and I am excited to see how it becomes. A creative work so unrestricted is undoubtedly bound to reflect something interesting, humorous, profound and all the other adjectives.

OBLITERATION This blog is for prosperity. It seems important to me to record these kinds of events especially those which set my life on the course that I fantasize to be the work and progress of many life-times. Sometime, maybe a few years ago, I became very interested in the endeavor for spiritual knowledge, ultimate […]

Entry 02 — The Atman Journal

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