A DIFFICULT QUESTION, but I have solved it for myself, by saying that it is what the voice within tells you. How then, you ask, do different people think if different and contrary truths?

It is because we have at the present moment every-body claiming the right of conscience without going
through any discipline whatsoever; there is so much un-truth being delivered in a bewildered world. All that I can, in true humility, present to you is that truth is not
to be found by anybody who has not got an abundant sense of humility.

If you would swim on the bosom of the
ocean of truth, you must reduce yourself to a zero.

TRUTH IS WITHIN ourselves. There is an inmost center in us all, where truth abides in fullness. Every wrongdoer
knows within himself that he is doing wrong, for untruth cannot be mistaken for truth. Truth and righteousness
must for ever remain the law in God’s world. THE LAW OF truth is merely understood to mean that we must speak the truth. But we understand the word in a much wider sense. There should be truth in thought, truth in speech, and truth in action.

Gandhi’s Way to God