It’s late, and I’m still awake

I was scrolling and reading through some of my earlier blogs. I feel like a character just typing away in my life.

Did I write those things? Yeah, I remember that now. It wasn’t even that long ago, but I see how much things change quickly.

Life happens really quick. Opportunities are knocking everywhere. I’m really interested in the people here. Everyone is so different and themselves.

I work at this ice rink. That’s how these facilities are, you know they just hangout. People congregate. I see people I know!

Actually this happened a few days ago that I found the great old friends that gave me many joyous memories. I had to tell them! I was making ice, but as soon as I finished, I looked and couldn’t find them. I think the bust have been really busy!

I work the night shift and get home late, but its these early morning hours are the ones when I’m up doing this and that. I close the ice rink, which involves restoring the ice sheets every night and doing some work. That’s no problem with me – I get plenty of time to listen to great music and jam all night.

The night has a serenity about it, so earlier when I arrived home (it’s three a.m. here now) I stayed out to watch the moon make the dark clouds glow as they whisked by. I think I’ve been that way – I just like to do things alone often. I like being with myself, it’s actually entertaining. I think more people should enjoy being with themselves rather than being constantly engaged.

I’m glad I found this place to live, and I’d say that it was a great opportunity from working at The Coffee Shop. It’s only been a two and a half months since moving here and I’ve made so many acquaintances.

I hang out with two friend who we spend Sundays together having a lot of fun. Lately we’ve gone slack-lining at the park when the day is warm. We attend Sangha together, and to the the Hindu worship and feast in the evening. We have been staying late to sing and play Kirtan in the evening. Hare Krishna! It’s a great day to worship and do activity together. 

Dave, is a great conversationalist refer to as a Native Gentleman. He reads great books and we talk about ideas or what not. We sometimes drink our Coffee Together. 

There’s Otis (I might mistake his name on that) who’s a total philosopher gone crazy homeless. His philosophy – which is quite communistic – is quite curious actually, and I can’t say that he’s spoken wrong much. This guy has got those crazy-old wise-man eyes. Manic and talkative. Thick accent, well versed in scripture and history. He likes talking about the the politics of Jesus’ ministry, and he’s good at that too. He knows some philosophy from Bhagavad Gita, and references from The Great Ramayana. The guy is educated and his philosophy is deep. He told me some wild stories that I have to think about being true. He likes laughing a lot to. We sometimes talk for an hour or two when I see him at the shop in the morning hours.

Grant is another awesome old man that I met at the rink. He’s a literal hippie that never grew up and he’s awesome. He’s got a very youthful attitude and his personality really shines through everywhere. I love that guy!

These characters pop in and out, and I’m getting used to that rhythm now. 

That’s it for tonight, It’s getting late here and I still have to come back to my activities. I purposefully admit that I started writing this blog because I was looking at pictures of Megan. I Googled her name, and my blog – For My Fallen Friend, Megan Baisch – appears on the page. That lead me back here to Nirvana Blogs. 

Sat Nam

Erik H.

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