God of all Things

There is no distinction between the creator and that which he creates. Although it is said that, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. (Genesis 1:1)”, Paul the apostle also said, “For since the creation of the world his invisible attributes are clearly seen being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead.”

Is God an outside agency? It is somehow understood by most the religions of the world that if the existence is here, that there must have been something to create it. Think pragmatically on this. If this thesis is true, then does it not lead into a vicious cycle which has no end? Because, if God created this existence apart from himself, then somebody must have created God, isn’t it? The answer lies herein, because if God can exist without being created, than why not also Creation? This takes some meditation. It only leads to this – Creation is enough unto itself. It does not need an outside agency.

So where is God? This leads to the concept of duality and non-duality, and you will see that God definitely exists, but to those for which he does not, it is merely a difference in concept.

Imagine any game in which score is counted towards opposing sides. Isn’t it true that there is only a difference between the two sides if one scores higher than the others (even by one)? But imagine that one side scores ten and than other side also matches the score at ten, then couldn’t we say the the score is again matched at zero and that there is not yet a difference or distinction between the two sides?

Christians, you accept principally that something can be there without being created, so why unnecessarily go from one thesis to another and continue this nonsense? You see that it is only necessary to change the meaning of God, and we can all agree — the Christians, Muslims and Hindus. I was raised Christian and it was somehow taught to me that one must identify God. I thought of his person and his personal singular attribute, and all the while I was forgetting to know the only thing that we can really see about the creator which is “Godliness”. That is the gold. That is the juice!

The theists and the non-theists can debate to wits end. But I will say for the record, they cannot truly disagree on the existence or non-existence of anything, they can only disagree on concepts and linguistics. But truth is truth and it cannot be proven false. I know this because I have been a theist, then a non-theist, and than a theist again; the debate has been happening inside of me for the whole entirety of my life, and I have never found difference with myself. I agree with the atheist, and I agree with the theists. It matters not how you call it. It is purely God or it is purely science, or neither of the two – it matters not! The creation is just as it is.

We live in a world of duality (though the whole of creation is one). God is itself the whole of creation. He is the begging and end. He is the good and the bad. Or there is no God, there is just everything and pure awareness, yet the quality still exists – and call it how you want!. There is infinite consciousness and an all pervading spirit. It is personal and it is impersonal. All these things exist, so if there be a creator of all things, than surely he is these qualities. He is the quality of being and non-being, the quality of knowing and non-knowing.

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