What can individual transformation achieve?

THE HUMAN MIND IS VERY inquisitive and with the refinement of the scientific method, he has become quite clever. So clever in fact that he has managed to trick his own self. Man is animal and lives among nature like the rest of the kingdom, however with the development of cerebral abilities in modern man he has found how to adapt his environment to him. I am not as well educated, but I believe that all of the animal kingdom has been living in accordance with his environment. Now man, with his clever trick has learned how to live in a comfortable box with the climate of his own choosing. He has learned how to find food so easily now. The nature which cradled humans since their conception is now bent to suit their excessive desire.

BUT A MAN’S MEMORY is not so keen. He may remember only seventy years, or just as long as he lives, but the mind of man kind as a whole has not remembered how he survived in accordance with nature. He has forgotten that all of the creation is not isolated, but joined in an organic way. It’s so juvenile that we think ourselves the most intelligent of all life on earth, yet we poison the air we breath and the food that we eat. Man kind is falling into a spiral of self sabotage, and even with the consequences visibly present, he continues on with the sabotage campaign. Is this intelligent?

OTHER SPECIES ARE LIVING better than human kind. Other animals have known for all of their existence to follow the cosmic order of law. Even many short lived human civilizations knew how to live in accordance. The Native Americans which colonized the continent for many centuries knew only to take what is needed. They gave thanks for it and used all parts. They know of our Mother Earth and had the wisdom knowing not to lay claim.

“Through his so-called intelligence, man is the only living being in the world that has lost many things he once had. Through that same intelligence he has also obtained many things he never had before – but the outcome is that he has ended up in danger of self-destruction. What he did not have, he has invented and what he had, he has lost. But even the tiniest living organism possess an intuitive inner source, and how scientific data is becoming available which proves that such an inner source exists. Man possesses it too, but has lost awareness of it through depending on his intellect.

I SUSPECT THAT THERE will be a time for humanity when we cannot continue on living dependent on scientific endeavor on conquering nature. If it be the cosmic will for man kind to survive, then he must revert to a state or natural living, not depending on conquest of the physical world, but instead cultivation of inner knowledge.

THERE ARE ALTERNATIVE SCIENCES. Just as physical sciences is exploited by technology, there exists also a technology derived from the inner sciences. I do not know it. It is handed down by ancient cultures and civilizations. In one tradition these inner sciences are called the occult sciences. The word occult is heavily stigmatized and associated with evil and wrongdoing. This technology cannot be bonafide by the scientific method because it is first person. That is how it is characterized. It cannot be third person as the scientific method requires. But here I digress. We can come to know better through meditation.

MEDITATION IS THE DOOR. It is the entry way. Meditation cannot be measured. You cannot collect quantitative date through meditation. It cannot be replicated for another to test and see. Each person can only experience it by himself alone.

THIS MUST BE THE FUTURE to man kind. Solutions must arise through inner transformation. Since all of mankind is made of its individual parts, it makes sense that if each part transformed himself, then all of civilization is transformed. At present we are seeing a group of people trying to fix his neighbor to benefit his own country. The is the start of war, poverty, and oppression.

TECHNOLOGY LIKE ALL OTHER THINGS is neutral. It is life a sharp knife. The knife alone is neutral, it can do no good or bad. But when it is wielded, it can do great harm, or produce much good. So then it just depends on the had which wields the knife. We have seen many great things come from technology, but also it has not been used responsibly. In the hands of brute men, technology has been the destruction of many lives.

MAN KIND HAS LEARNED MANY clever tricks. He has learned how to split an atom. That is quite a feat. My own country used the atom bomb to decimate the lives of many innocent people who bore no part in the wars of brute men.

THERE MUST BE AN ALTERNATIVE. There have been many great teachers who found transformation in their own being and shined the light for many to follow. Gandhi was able to free more than a billion of his countrymen from the wrongful British rule of all of India through peaceful non-compliance. He was a simple man whose only tool was his great convictions for the truth of things. He begged no allegiance. India loved Gandhi. They saw his conviction for truth and they followed. When his countrymen waged violence against the British, he would not be any part of it. He fasted till he was near death, and because India loved him they stopped. Then the British left and India fell into a religious civil war – the Hindu’s and the Muslims. And when his countrymen waged war against themselves, he fasted again. The Muslims and Hindu’s loved Gandhi so much that they stopped their violence against each other, but it didn’t convince Gandhi because he knew they held resent in their hearts. He would not stop his fast until the Muslims and Hindu we praying together in many parts of the country. They prayed for Gandhi, the man who freed them all. In the end it was a radical Hindu (a man of Gandhi’s own religion) who killed him.

GANDHI’S EXAMPLE OF transformation is still alive. If one man could could peacefully free an entire country of oppressed people this way, what could humanity accomplish if every man changed his own being?

Sat Nam

Erik H.

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