My Sweet Lord

I LOVE MY SWEET LORD. I think that a few people will understand what I mean in these five words, but certainly many will misunderstand.

I LOVE MY SWEET LORD. Those are simple words. Gurdjieff said, “If we take the simplest words that occur constantly in speech and endeavor to analyze the meaning given to them, we shall see at once that, at every moment of his life, every man puts into each word a special meaning which another man can never put into it or suspect.” It happens naturally because each person is totally unique. Did you imagine that every person to ever live is uniquely composed on every gross and subtle layer? Gurdjieff uses the word “man” for example, showing that a lawyer, doctor, and physician will all have a difference definition and conception of the word “man.”

THIS IS THE CASE in the four gospels of the New Testament written by the four disciples of Jesus, each of whom viewed Christ’s ministry through the eyes of their own character. They held different professions which no doubt gave rise the the subtle contradictions found in the four gospels. Jesus’s truth was his own perfect truth, but how can there be no difference in comparison between his four disciples who were each uniquely different? Their understanding of the truth must have been different to, and I could only imagine that Jesus’s wisdom was so great that he knew to give his message to each of his disciples with the most perfect flavor and poise.

THE PHYSICAL BODY is totally different from every other. There have never been two that are identical. Even identical twins have many differences. The mental body is completely different. No two people have ever had the exact same or even remotely close mental impressions (comparatively speaking). The emotional body is entirely unique. Every emotion to ever have been had is not the same as any other. Each one has had a unique flavor.

THE SAME THOUGHT can never be had twice, it is always unique. When many people have a similar conception about something, it is assigned a word. It is not understood that every person has a completely unique conception of that which they think the word always speaks the same of. Words are ambiguous. This would be the case with such a word as “God”. It is such a case for the phrase My Sweet Lord.

I WOULD LIKE TO ASK a perfect rationalist for the most fair philosophical debate. Please let’s talk about this, and we will see at the end that neither one of us is right or wrong, and neither of us could find each other in disagreement. We will only find perfect agreement on one thing which is that we never truly disagreed on anything (though at first it seemed so), instead, we mistakenly found the barriers which exist in language and conception.

I DISCOVERED THIS IN MYSELF. I have been through many versions. I have been an optimist and a realist. I have been a existentialist and a nihilist. I have been a theist and a non-theist. I have been a monotheist and and polytheist. I have been a dualist and a non dualist. I have believed in the word and I’ve believed in the law. All this and many more. So you will be surprised to know that even having been all these things, I have never disagreed with myself, even now! By now, some of you will already understand what I mean. Maybe because this has happened to you, or maybe because your intelligence is sharp like a knife. Otherwise, this will need some more explanation, I will try.

WE CAN TAKE THE EXAMPLE of theism and non-theism. If you have become a non-theist, isn’t it true that your non-theism could only have been built on the time that you were a theist? Otherwise, from where would the non-theism have come from? Just like all things in the cosmos, it must exist with its opposite. My so-called theism is only the swinging right of a pendulum of which non-theism is swinging left. But both are in the same swing, and more importantly, the swinging on either side comes the same focal point. That is called truth. Is in manifested in all these things. There can be no true disagreement, but because the universe manifests itself in unlimited ways, our ego’s will understandably take it’s own small view as the understanding of the ultimate. The folly of mind is laughable, have you seen this? I like to imagine My Sweet Lord resting as the lap on which this whole cosmos happens, with an infinite joy because his creation makes him laugh. His creatures make him laugh. This unity of cosmos which rests on the lap of My Sweet Lord is one great joke. The punchline is when we take it seriously.

I LOVE MY SWEET LORD. I have explained this now, but there is one part which I have not. I will not, because I can not. Not yet. That is the love. I can not express in words what my love is like. It’s quality cannot be fathomed. It is a matter of the heart, and matters of the heart cannot be fathomed by the mind. I Love my Sweet Lord.

Hare Krishna!

Erik H.

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