I’ve listened to a few really great discourses given by controversial figures from the recent past. I was about to say that I’ve learned a lot from them, but on a deeper aspect I haven’t really heard anything that wasn’t natural and intrinsic of knowing. It only takes some human common sense to shine light on those things in your own being. But these thing I’ve heard are so profound. How is it that I haven’t learned anything new if it came across to me as so profound? The things I’ve learned are not new, but the things I’ve heard are being heard for the first time.

Nobody has ever said this thing like that. It is such a profound way to hear it being said, but there is a deeper truth that says it’s all familiar. That familiarity is what I call common sense. First of all, there has to be something which can be on object of familiarity. And something from which you can have familiarity with must also be something you can be distant from. But first of all, that something has to exist for familiarity to be there. If common sense is naturally familiar then we can also say that knowing is naturally familiar. That is what I am calling common sense and sharpness of mind. The sharpness of mind definitely exists, but why are we distant?

Everybody is familiar with moments of illumination. Often many illuminations come to you just by seeing or hearing one thing.

You may observed a hardworking man. He has toiled away for forty years so that his family can have food and shelter. He has neither time nor the resources to further his journey into the knowing about life. How can he search if he has only time to work? And despite being years away from retirement, he becomes sick. But he must continue to work and that is exactly what he does! You must have seen this happen. In my country it happens all the time. There is an injustice.

But then – a small moment of illumination. It is subtle enough that you cannot deny a feeling of discomfort. Something can not be right. It does not matter that the man has worked his entire life. He paid his taxes and he did not fuss about very much. But still he has to work. He cannot afford to be sick — he has to work!

You have seen this and you have heard of it, I know you have… So you know what I am saying about having moments of illumination. You feel in your heart that this is not right. But if I say this much about the common sense, I will also say that the opposite is true. Everything must exist with it’s opposite, nothing is the exception.

You may have seen a seen two lovers enjoying each other so much that they cannot take the smile off their faces. You cannot help but smile also, and in that moment you feel something – that this is right! Something feels right and it came instantly from your being just by seeing two lovers loving.

And in general we must accept that this is the way of life. We normally accept to work that much and find a role in society. Who has time for personal study? — I have to work! Who has time to fall in love often? — I have to get my degree! Who has time to try the Mother Earth? — I have to follow the rules. If this is a life that seems normal to you then naturally you will only know common sense, illumination, and sharpness as things of familiarity.

You say, “Oh yeah I done virtuous things before. I sometimes fight in the face of injustice. I sometimes stop to smell the flowers. I’ve have stood above the crowd before.” Do you want a consolation prize? I am saying that with more common sense about your life, you can see that you are not standing apart from the crowd – you are part of the mob! I am not being judgmental. I am saying what I see about the suppression of the human mind. There is no stigma. Nobody exists who deserves to condemn, so how can I condemn? I am just saying what I see, and I am saying it bluntly. I could say it gently and nicely, but that would be a consolations prize. I want it to sink deep for you, then you will see the injustice towards the mind and there lies your opportunity to seize!

This much should be obvious; I can only see this because I’ve seen it in my life before and I still see it very much now. These days it is not easy to break apart from societal institutions, but I could die trying. The value of personal sovereignty is the highest value and as long as I live, I will be taking it all back. I will not share my freedom of mind, although they really want it.

This requires a little common sense. You feel that things aren’t making you happy and you condemn yourself for it because you think you are the only one choosing. Yes it is true you are the one making your life’s choices, but also you are heavily infulenced by the society and their expectation. Their expectation on you are a small crime compared to the capability and freedom of mind that they have been suppressing you against.

It it not natural. Examine this ugly repetitive cycle of trying and condemning. It doesn’t feel natural, but you can’t seem to break out of it. I hope you’ve come this far in life. Go even farther — many of you have already! What is not right? You have become anxious about your whole life — and it hasn’t even happened yet. These things will push you far enough, you will see that you have been giving away your intelligence this whole time.

You feel anxious because you have been always looking at the future and forgot about the present. This society want you to have a future-oriented mind because then you will be always in the service of working for the later and rarely being in the now. You gave them that right, now you should to have the courage to take it back! You have it back now and you will know when you that happens because you will not feel any condemnation. What do you want to do? This life is yours! Whatever you have wanted to do at some day in the future, you should not wait another day to do it – do it today in fact! And nobody in reality is saying what you should do, but if you feel condemnation then you have not taken it back.

You feel like there is never enough time. It is ironic that you do not have time to learn about why you never have time – it is also not a coincidence. If this society can have you working hard enough, then how will you have time to learn their dirty tricks? You never will, so you go on working with your head down.

There is never enough money. You are working hard and often, but you can only ever save up enough money for menial activities and enough time to see the family for a few short hours during the week. It keep you okay-enough to take care of your emotional and temporal needs, but there is never enough mind space to explore the journey of life. Your mind is capable of much greater prosperity and individuality. They have taken it from you, but they could not have done it if you did not give it to them.

We did give it away. We gave the potential for human growth away for a life of comfort. These governments take care of you just okay, not even very well. It’s enough that you can call it safety and security. But we have given away so much and now human beings are behaving like zombies – just mindless! I am taking it back, and I want you to take it back also!

I am so excited for every day. I am thrilled by the mere facts that are there; I can do anything and at any moment anything can happen. It is entirely different of how this used to be which was just okay in all areas. Definitely fear was there. Where is the fear now? I have not seen it around lately – a fact which I barely notice anymore.

I am sailing and it is just an endless sea horizon as far as I can see. There are no expectations for this journey. How can you define where exactly to sail in the ocean? The sea is an comparatively endless advance. Have you seen any roads in the ocean? I have not. There are no roads. You are sailing in the deep ocean blue, nobody can tell you which roads you can be on — they are non-existent. My anchor is not down, my sails are open and I am cruising through threatening storms, starry nights, and godly sunsets. I want you to have it this way. You deserve it. Please come to know this; nobody is condemning you in reality. You feel condemnation, it is only coming from your own being. Maybe it is projecting all over the place, but essentially you are the only one condemning. Be kind to yourself. Allow yourself to be yourself! Be natural.

And get this; don’t try to be natural. You cannot try to be natural because that really is a contradiction in terms. Something that is natural is characterized by being there without effort. So you cannot make an effort to be natural. This tells you that you cannot ‘add something’ or ‘try something’ to go toward nature. But still being natural is possible, so it must be that you need to remove something from your way to be natural. That is right! You should get all the garbage and social conditioning out of your way. Remove all the condemnation and repression out of your way. Last of all, move yourself out of your own way! Then your light will shine! Then you are being more natural. Everything comes from this nature. Your music comes from this space. Your words come from this space. Your fire comes from this space. Your expression come from this space. Your freedom comes from this space. From this space come true religiousness and spirituality. From this space will come your moral behavior. All of these words come from this space.

Sat Nam

Erik H.

Photo by Andre Hunter on Unsplash

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